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*5th Graders' Guide To The Library

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 Find passwords to access databases outside of school

5th Grade Reading Poll - Favorite Books

What's your favorite genre to read for pleasure?
Adventure: 333 votes (21.88%)
Mystery: 213 votes (13.99%)
Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 96 votes (6.31%)
Historical Fiction: 151 votes (9.92%)
Realistic Fiction: 451 votes (29.63%)
Biographies: 4 votes (0.26%)
Nonfiction: 3 votes (0.2%)
Can't do it - I enjoy reading too many kinds of books to just pick one: 110 votes (7.23%)
Other: 161 votes (10.58%)
Total Votes: 1522

5th Grade Favorites

Destiny Discover Homepage (LIBRARY CATALOG)

Sora - Overdrive's Reading & Listening App for Students

Capstone Interactive eBooks


Check out this Capstone tutorial to learn the basics.

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