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Use a Minimum of 5 Sources For Your Research

Find the best sources for your research & document them with NoodleTools on your Works Cited page. 

REFERENCE sources - for background and context

  • Begin with a Biography Reference article from Gale's Biography in Context​


BOOKS - for depth


PRIMARY SOURCES - for evidence

Original, first-hand, authoritative accounts of an event, topic or historical time period. They are usually produced at the time of an event by a person who experienced but they can be created in the form of oral histories or memoirs.

Primary sources include:  personal thoughts (letters, diaries, journals), original photographs, first-hand newspaper reports, speeches, autobiographies, memoirs, creative works like plays, paintings, songs, research data & surveys)


SCHOLARLY ARTICLES - for analysis 


Find a general overview of your topic.

Search Tip: Search by topic keyword - In your search results, look for alternate keywords and related topics to search next.





Search the Library Catalog for Books, eBooks, Websites & more

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To Find Passwords For All Library Databases

Go to the Database Password Page to access BCS databases outside of school. 

Biography in Context - Gale Database

Search Tip: Use Advanced Search > Person Search to search for people by name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, birth/death dates and places, or gender.

CREDO - Reference Database

Chelsea House Online Biographies - Facts On File Database

Find Books, Magazine, Journal & Newspaper articles

Gale Virtual Reference Library - eBooks

Search Tip: In Gale's Library's Biography section, search the individual books listed below for concise biographies. Search the entire collection for multiple sources.