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HISTORY 10 - History of Latin America: Overview

ACROSS THE BORDER: Research into important moments in U.S.-Latin American relations

Overview & Topics


  1. Pirates in the Caribbean: Spanish-English rivalries in colonial era (1500-1800)

  2. The Monroe Doctrine: The origin of America's "special relationship" (1820-today)

  3. The Mexican War: How American captured one-third of Mexico (1846-1848)

  4. William Walker: "Filibustering" in Central America (1850-1860)  

  5. Jose Marti: Cuban hero and American writer (1860-1898)

  6. The Spanish American War: America's first imperialist adventure? (1898)

  7. Puerto Rico: The American commonwealth in the Caribbean (1898-today)

  8. The United Fruit Company: Bananas and Banana Republics (1870-1970)  

  9. The Panama Canal: Teddy Roosevelt's "Big Stick" policy (1900-1915)

  10. Chasing Pancho Villa: The United States and the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920)

  11. Boots on the Ground: the U.S. occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916-1924)

  12. Boots on the Ground: the U.S. occupation of Haiti (1915-1934)

  13. FDR and the "Good Neighbor" policy in Latin America (1932-1944)

  14. The Bracero Program: the first Mexican immigration crisis (1942-1964)

  15. Fighting Communism in Guatemala: The CIA's 1954 "Revolution" (1954)

  16. Tangos and Banditos: Hollywood imagines Latin America (1930-today)

  17. Fidel Castro vs. the United States: Battle at the Bay of Pigs (1960)

  18. The Drug Wars: Understanding American demand and Latin supply (1970-today)

  19. Salvador Allende and Gen. Pinochet: An American role in Chile's coup? (1973)

  20. NAFTA: A common economic vision for North America (1990-today)

  21. Latin America and Major League Baseball: Pleibol! (1950-today)

  22. Roberto Clemente

  23. El Cine: Latin America through Latin American eyes (1950-today)

  24. The Invasion of Granada: Preventing revolution in the Caribbean? (1983)

  25. The Organization of American States (OAS): A hemispheric union? (1826-today)

  26. The Mexican Immigration Crisis: People and policy at the border & Hollywood images of immigrants (1950-today)

  27. Futbol! The role of soccer in Latin American society and politics - Soccer during the Chilean Coup D’Etat (1950-today)

  28. Truth and Reconciliation in Guatemala (1996 - today)

  29. Guantanamo Bay


Latin America

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