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SCIENCE 6 - Kingdoms of Life: Home

Where To Start

Use the resources in this guide to get a jump start on your research.

Start your research with a reliable encyclopedia and cross check the information you find in at least 2 other sources.

Research is about reading - don't spend too much time looking.

Follow the 3 R's: READ, READ, READ!

If you have any questions or need assistance as you research your topic, please ask your teacher and your librarian for help.

Encyclopedias - MS

Search for your topic in the encyclopedias listed below. Use important keywords for best results.

Go to the Database Passwords page  to access online resources outside of school or ask your librarian for help. 


Search tip:  Start your search in the Elementary level 1. Go to levels 2 (Middle) & 3 as needed.


Search tip: Start your search in Kids and then search World Book Student for more detailed information. 


Selected websites

Brain Pop

Search tip: Enter your topic into the search box or search by subject.  

Useful Links

Library catalog


List of online databases, catalog & other Library resources


Find passwords for accessing databases outside of school

To FInd Database Passwords

Go to the Database Password Page to access BCS databases outside of school.