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SCIENCE 6 - Kingdoms of Life: Home

Where To Start

Use the resources in this guide to get a jump start on your research.

Start your research with a reliable encyclopedia and cross check the information you find in at least 2 other sources.

Research is about reading - don't spend too much time looking.

Follow the 3 R's: READ, READ, READ!

If you have any questions or need assistance as you research your topic, please ask your teacher and your librarian for help.

Encyclopedias - MS

Search for your topic in the encyclopedias listed below. Use important keywords for best results.

**For password help, ask a librarian or visit the passwords page!**


Search tip:  Start your search in the Elementary level 1. Go to levels 2 (Middle) & 3 as needed.




Search tip: Begin with an article from The New Book of Knowledge. 




Search tip: Start your search in Kids and then search World Book Student for more detailed information. 


Selected websites

Brain Pop

Search tip: Enter your topic into the search box or search by subject.  

Useful Links

Library catalog


List of online databases, catalog & other Library resources


Find passwords for accessing databases outside of school

To FInd Database Passwords

Go to the Database Password Page to access BCS databases outside of school.