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HUM 5: African Country Research Project

Getting Started

Use the resources in this LibGuide to find reliable, accurate information about the country you have chosen to research.

The best place to begin your research is to read an overview on your topic. Start with an encyclopedia article.

Encyclopedias are a good place to start your research. They contain articles with facts and background information on your topic and will help to answer general questions about your topic such as:

 ? who, ? what, ? when  & ? where

Research strategy:

  • THINK about what you know about your topic & what you need to learn 
  • PLAN your search for specific information - start with broad topic keywords
  • DO your search
  • READ with the questions you have in mind
  • REVIEW - take notes & REDO  your search - look out for additional search terms

Political Map of Africa - CIA World Factbook